Flat Track Racing History, Events, Standings, Best Drivers

There are various kinds of racing in this world. Racing is an interesting and quite an ancient sport, something people love all over the world. From cycle racing to motorbike racing, these games are a pure adrenaline rush. People from all strata of society take part in these contests and competitions. Flat tracks racing is one of the most uncommon yet somehow popular forms of track races. Flat track motorcycles have two to four strokes of engines and are generally equipped for flat racing. Being one of the most popular forms of track races, Flat Track racing has a long and vivid history. Other than flat track racing, we will also keep you updated on the latest online roulette strategies by following us. Get the facts here about finding the best roulette strategy suitable for beginners, and learn how it works.

History of Flat Tracks Racing

The American Motorcycle Association made flat tracks racing a major thing in the twentieth century. If we look back, then flat tracks racing can go as far back as 1924. In 1934, they first created Class A for AMA Pro Flat Track Racing. Harley Davidson has been the main manufacturer of flat track racing for three halves of the said century. Later Japanese bikes like Yamaha entered the US market in the ’50s then, they took over the saga of the Harley Davidson. Today, both the companies and even other companies have joined the rally.

The IV League at Del Mar Track-Perfect Showcase for Flat Racing

Its been long since flat track racing has been dead, and the government is trying to bring it back. The flat track has been around the country for a long time now, but slowly it has lost all its popularity. The IV Flat Track was founded not very long ago, in November 2014. It hosted its first race in EL Centro, which is located pretty close to Southern California. The season ended at Del Mar Fairgrounds, near San Diego on 2015 March.

This track was originally reserved for horse racing and is well equipped with an indoor venue, and an up close stadium setting. The two-day event received quite a lot of buzz, just before Saturday morning, and the event began at 4 pm. Mains were in groups A and B and on an average 200 riders were in attendance there on that day. The hype and publicity surrounding the racing have been pretty great and it has done quite a big deal for the game itself. Iv league flat track races have slowly begun growing in their popularity, which thesetrack races have lost over the years.

Best Manufacturers and Drivers of All Time

Americal Flat Track and the American pro flat track has been the most popular manufacturers for this contest. When it comes to drivers, here is a list of the champions for all iv league flat track races :

  • Chet Dykgraaf
  • Jimmy Chann
  • Larry Headrick
  • Bobby Hill
  • Bill Truman
  • Joe Leonard
  • Brad Andres

American Flat Tracks Results and Standings

When we look at the current results of these iv league flat track races, we can say that the charts are being topped by Briar Bauman, and Jared Mees. The list of others are as follows:

  • Brair Bauman
  • Jared Mees
  • Bronson Bauman
  • Jeffrey Carver Jr.
  • Brandon Robinson
  • JArod Vanderkooi
  • Henry Wiles
  • Robert Pearson

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Upcoming Events

  1. There is the Daytona TT track races league presented by Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys on 14th March.
  2. Yamaha Atlanta Short Track Reces league Presented by Cycle Gear
  3. Texas Half-Mile on 20th April
  4. Law Tigers Arizona Super TT Pres league By RideNow PowerSports on 27th April
  5. Vance and Hines So-Cal Half-Mile Presented By Russ Brown Motorcycle Atto del mar flat track racing on 11th May

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